gas explosion

The present work addresses theoretical prediction and experimental determination of explosion characteristics (explosion pressure, maximum explosion pressure, adiabatic explosion pressure). The correlations of experimental data obtained from either from experiment or thermodynamic model are presented. The goal of this article is to show: how the experimental data can be correlated from a uniform point a view through non-dimensionalization, and how the proposed polynomial function can be derived directly from the behavior of dimensionless plots of the experimental data. At the same time, the theoretical study applying on maximum explosion pressure is presented and shows the detail analysis for different input thermodynamic data files. The maximum explosion pressures, computed by assuming chemical equilibrium within the explosion front are examined in comparison with the measured explosion pressures of two gases (CH4 and H2) at atmospheric conditions.
Gas mixture explosions and fires are responsible for most of the largest property loss events worldwide in the chemical and power industry. In this contribution, a theoretical analysis was performed of explosion behavior for CO/O2/N2, CO/O2/N2/H2O and CO/O2/N2/CO2 mixtures. Presented explosions based on real scenarios of accidents associated with transport and storage facilities with flammable chemicals. While explosions of pure flammable chemicals are well described in the literature, the information about explosions of toxic flammable substances is rather scarce. This work aims at studying the explosion behavior of pure mixture and of the inerted carbon monoxide-air mixtures at different initial temperatures and pressures. The results of mathematical modeling of the calculated maximum explosion pressure are presented.

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