The ICTEL 2019 International Conference was attended by a great number of education experts. Lectures covering a wide range of issues in this field were presented here. The article brings a commented overview of selected conference presentations.
This article which follows up to introductory part published in JOSRA No. 1/2017 [1] presents basic structure of teachers OSH training program, objectives, guiding questions, key or essential ideas and the other information about the program. Alongside, examples of related teachers' competences for OSH education are provided.
OSH in the context of secondary school teachers’ training and introduces principles and general objectives in effective training for teachers on OSH learning. The article also presents a list of competences needed for teachers to teach OSH successfully.
Another article dealing with results of THESEIS project (Training on Health & Safety for workers in the Environmental Industrial Sector) presents the results of a survey aimed at identifying the status of national qualifications systems in the countries participating in the project. Qualifications and other requirements for workers in so called „eco-industry“, specifically the technicians of wastewater and waste management experts were surveyed.

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