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This scholar paper is aimed to publish the explosion parameters of carbon monoxide / methane and air mixtures. This data could be used by various commercial companies to establish explosion safety rules for the use of these mixtures. During this work, we studied the flammable gases separately and then their mixtures. First, the explosion parameters were obtained by numerical simulation. Secondly, explosion tests were carried out in the 20-L explosion vessel for different conditions (variation in initial temperature and concentration ratio of the mixture). Finally, all the results obtained were compared with the numerical predictions in order to obtain a complete information for appropriate safety solutions.
The values of the coal gas explosion parameters are currently published in the form of the calculations of pure components under standard "atmospheric" conditions. No explosion characteristics of the H2-CH4-CO-C3H8-CO2-N2 and air mixtures measured in 0.02 m3 explosion autoclave have been reported in the literature. The information in the material safety data sheets are given for such complex mixtures using modified Le Chatelier equations. The maximum explosion pressure, pmax, the maximum rate of explosion pressure rise, (dp/dt)max, the deflagration index, KG, lower explosion limit, LEL, upper explosion limit, UEL and limiting oxygen concentration, LOC of coal gas with air mixture at initial temperatures 25 °C, 45 °C, 90 ° C and initial pressure 1 bar, are presented in this paper.

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