Saddedine Benyahia

Large quantity of models for pool fire characteristics is available in the literature. In the present work, we implemented different possibilities of heat fraction calculation and we introduced the flame length in order to calculate the point source-target distance. Finally we do not consider the atmospheric stability as constant but we introduced simple mathematical correlation and compare both the model with and without this parameter. The present contribution shows that the Effects model and presented model are almost same based on the heat flux calculation results and therefore that the implementation of the Yellow book model is well done. Nevertheless, from an area of the pool of approximately 5000 m2 there are differences between both models. Those differences are evaluated about 10%. Moreover, it is interesting to evaluate the pool fire behavior according to the nature of the fuel. For the same scenario that is say for the same ambient condition and mass of fuel the variation of the heat of flux as a function to the area of the pool for benzene, gasoline and methanol were shown. The methanol burning is characterized by flame which is not enough visible. We can conclude that more the soot is present when a fuel burn more the heat of flux is affected.

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